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My whole life, I have viewed runners with a sense of awe. Now I am one of those, and I am extremely proud to be considered a runner.

Monday, April 03, 2006

A Virgin Blogger.

This is my very, very first blog. For years I have tried to avoid it, pretending the BlugBug would never bite, but at 5:00 this morning as I lay in bed, wondering why the hell I can't get my butt out of bed to run when I was awake and it wasn't cold, I decided I need to be motivated. Then I figured why not beg for motivation? So here I am...pouring my heart and running stories and details to maybe a handfull (if that) of people who care and are entertained. And maybe, if everything aligns correctly, I may end up motivating someone else.

If I do, and that someone else is you, could you please, please, PLEASE let me know!? Thanks.

Do I run? yes. Do I run far? Who's asking? I run farther than the average American, and farther than a large percentage. But, for those of you marathoners reading this, my long run is a mere warm-up. Recently, I've ran 8K races. I'm registered for a 10-miler. In a month. I love the feeling of running. When I have a good run, it's a very, very good run--bad run is horrid. So this is my attempt at keeping myself motivated, holding myself accountable, and possibly helping others at the same time. In turn, all I ask, is you let me know how I'm doing (thus my begging for motivation) and let me know how you are doing. Deal? Deal.


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