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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Me and the Road

This morning I had no choice but to wake up at 5:00 and go for the run. I skipped out yesterday--yesterday morning didn't happen, and last evening it was cold and rainy and I was tired and lazy--bad combination. Besides, Husband started a new job and his commute has decreased to 10 minutes from an hour (he sucks). Since he now gets home within minutes of when I do (if I leave right on time), I had to stick around and hear about his day. Today I wasn't making the same mistake twice, so when the alarm went off at 5:00 I only hit snooze once, then went.

Husband, bless his heart, is so well-trained. He cheers me on every morning when I decide to go, and admits that half the time he doesn't remember it. This morning's advice was a mumble about being careful about the thunder and lightning (reference to last night's storms) and a roll-over, and out the door I went.

6.25 miles was on tap for this morning, and I did it. I still struggle with pushing myself up big hills, so I do walk portions, but manage to finish the runs averaging a 10-11 minute mile. Not the greatest, and I don't admit that to just anyone, but at 5:00 on a cold and windy morning, what more do you want??? I have tried not walking, and succeeded, but my runs are longer and I'm moodier and it just isn't as fun.

I do love morning runs, really. When I'm awake enough to make the decision to go, they generally are my best runs. I love the quiet of the morning, and that the wave of accomplishment hits as soon as I leave the porch, not when I finish. Plus, there are less crazies out at that time (besides me) so no cat-calling from passing cars or wiseguys that think I'm going to swoon over them yelling that I'm looking good or whatever.

And the feeling lasts all day.


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