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Monday, September 03, 2007

The best way to learn something about someone... to take them on a 12-mile run.

This is the first run all summer where Dave joined us. With a three-day break from cross-country due to the holiday weekend and a marathon registration with his name on it, it was good timing (and a much needed long run). We left at 6:00 Sunday morning.

Along the route (which took us through 6 towns, past three fire stations, two porta-potties, and one big state park), Dave learned more about Ted and I and our bodily functions than he has learned in the past four months he has been living with us. He quickly realized that all bets were off--farts were allowed, as were snot rockets and loogies. No worries about drinking out of the same bottle or complaining that someone dripped sweat. He learned not to comment that something was on my shirt--or I may just inform him it was a nose-blow went wrong.

And by the time we reached the porta-potties along mile 9, Dave was right with us as far as open conversation goes. We found out he and Ted had a shared fear of bloody nipples, and both admitted to removing their shirts during a run just to calm the fears--not necessarily because they are hot.

The run was great. I could have gone a little farther...and again, renewed my confidence in the marathon training and my ability to complete the race.

Although who knows where conversations may lead with another 14 miles tacked on...


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