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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Runner's Wishlist

With the holiday season quickly approaching (almost too quickly...I think I was just saying I could eat anything I wanted because I just ran a marathon...), many of us good girls and boys are putting together our seasonal wish list for the Spirits of the Season--be it Santa Claus, Dominic the Donkey, or--as Ted's father in South Philly used to tell him--the Septa bus driver.

The runner's wishlist can tend to be a bit different than the normal person's (I use the term "normal" quite literally here). I got a jumpstart on my wish list by purchasing new kicks and a new headphone set for my iPod ahead of time. Ted oh-so-thoughtfully suggested that maybe he should wrap up the empty shoe box and empty headphone box anyway, but I gently reassured him my List of Favorite Wishes still has plenty for him to pick from. Some of the top picks? (enjoy my shameless plugs for products where I am benefiting absolutely none by listing them--a marketer's dream).

1) Brooks HVAC Seamless Running Top: I'm sold with this top and the special cuffs that can wrap themselves around my cold little fists while running. How genius is that!? Forget the mittens and gloves that are usually being carried by mile 3 anyway...with this neato shirt, warm hands can be revealed easily, and re-wrapped when they get cold again!

2) Trail shoes: I have no idea what consists of a good trail shoe, but I know I am going to need one. A few races I have my eye on for the upcoming year include not only the Lehigh Valley Half, but a January and February trail run in Allentown. Why? Because I enjoy getting dirty when I run, and I enjoy trail running, and this just looks like fun (I could still be grossly misled, however).

3) Fluffy Boots: These oh-so-cozy boots look like some of the most comfortable things I have ever seen. Known also as apres-ski boots, I think they could also be quite defined as apres-cold-morning-run boots.

4) Turtle Fur: (now there's an oxymoron if I ever heard one) I don't know if a neck gaiter would actually be comfortable to wear while running--I have visions of myself drooling and breathing all over it, creating all sorts of condensation that only causes my skin to get wet and cold...but the idea is worth a try, isn't it?

5) Nike+ Running Shirt: Or any Nike+ product is fine--if it holds my iPod for me, and keeps the headphone wires under control, I'm sold!

But, in all honesty, like most runners, I'd be happy with a warm pair of gloves, a new pair of socks, and another year of my strength and health so I can keep racking up the miles.
Happy Holidays, everyone! May all your running wishes come true!


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