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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sometimes winter isn't so bad...

We've just completed Week One of Nashville Marathon training. This morning we did five and a half.

Last evening, all weather reports had a snow system heading our way. Depending on who you listened to, our little town could, get anywhere from 1" to 8". And it would start any time from morning to late afternoon. Meaning the day was wide open for anything.

We decided to just get up and go first thing. No sense in waiting for nothing or everything to happen, so we were out the door at 7:00 am on a Saturday.

It had started snowing over night, and we had a coating. It was enough to be beautiful. Weekend mornings have to be some of the most peaceful times to run, and weekend mornings after a snowfall just take it up a notch. It was quiet, it was pretty, and it was brisk. The snow added a bit more resistance (meaning I'm a bit more sore) and it was just Ted, me, the snow, and another set of footprints from another early morning runner (we're guessing because, like us, it was in middle of the road instead of the sidewalk).

I complain about cold and wind with everyone else. But mornings like this, I want to take it all back and just enjoy the weather for what it is. Winter.


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