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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Why Weight?

I have always been a believer that if you up your activity level, you would drop pounds. Common sense, right? Well, I have been upping my activity level over the past few months to prepare for Broad Street...and the pounds are having so much fun they are staying--and inviting their friends. I haven't weighed myself in ages, but my clothes are not any looser. If anything, they are a bit more snug (especially around the thighs where they did NOT need to be more snug). This is thoroughly angering me, since in my lists of why I run, having larger thighs (as well as other areas) does not appear. My stomach is still fluffy, and I do not look like I want to look while racking up 15-20 mile weeks (with the intention of increasing this--what is going to happen to me then!?).

Husband said I need to do sprints and speedwork. *GASP* Okay, secret #1. Maggie hates speedwork. Every running plan I've seen has this incorporated in it, and I never do it. I'm horrible at it, and it really doesn't do much for my morale when I can't run 400 meters really fast (and it isn't even fast), yet I am expected to go out and run 10 miles. I think fartleks are as horrible to do as they are to say. With that said, after Broad Street, I may take (i.e. drag) Husband up to the track with me to pace me on sprints. Being a hockey player, exerting yourself completely for 30-60 seconds is right up his alley. Maybe then I'll drop some fluff.

I am not eating loads and loads of food, so there isn't really anything I can cut out. Granola bar or cereal for breakfast, tuna sandwich and applesauce for lunch, dinner is whatever, and fruit if anything in the evenings. I would think I would begin to drop the weight, but unless I'm putting it on before it comes off...

There is probably someone with a voodoo doll out there packing pounds on me and laughing, and thinking "We'll make them come off in October, after that itty bitty bikini she wanted to wear is packed away for good..."


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