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Friday, April 28, 2006

Blisters and Game Four

(okay, is this a tiny picture, or is it just me?)

Did 6.25 today on the new shoes...I put band-aids over the existing blisters and was okay until about the four mile mark where those blisters started to hurt, as did the new ones forming on the other foot. I pushed through it--maybe if I don't believe I have blisters they'll go away and everything will be fine. I don't want to take my new shoes back. They are so doggone pretty. Blue and silver...I love them.

I'll be glad when Broad Street comes and goes. I'm ready to start a new training schedule, and I'm going to actually suck it up and do one speed run, one long run, and one training run each week. My goal? Philly Distance Run in September...honestly, who do I think I am? We'll see how I feel by mid-June, which is the deadline for pre-registrants. That also means I get to push through the August heat for some major training. :-) Hey, isn't that what my breath strips are for???? I was complaining to Ted last night as I held half my stomach in my hands. "What is this!??" I whined. "I am running 20 miles a week...why do I have this?" After the "you are beautiful the way you are, I love you the way you are" talk (what a Hero!), he mentioned the speed work, and suggested maybe I'm not pushing myself...I can do the distances, but if I'm not pushing myself to go faster, my body is adjusting and learning what to burn and what to store. I stared at him and decided if that is just BS, that is very, very good BS and i'm going to choose to believe it. So I have 9 days to Broad street. Then Ted and I are out at the track, him pushing me through speed, and I'm going to eat a huge piece of humble pie. He knows I'm not fast, I tell him every day. But i don't think anyone, including Ted, realizes just how not fast I truly am.

On a non-running-related topic---GO FLYERS!!!! Game Four tonight. Becuase we don't have Comcast, we have to hunt down friends that do. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to Jack and Robin for the big screen and letting us invite ourselves over! Go Fly-boys!!!! WOOO!


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