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My whole life, I have viewed runners with a sense of awe. Now I am one of those, and I am extremely proud to be considered a runner.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

I. Do. Roads.

Here I sit, at the airport in Greenville, and I am pleased to inform you I actually was one of the lucky ones whose gate is finally the very first gate, therefore avoiding lugging the carry-on the whole way down the aisles to the last gate. Of course, the airport at Greenville is hardly that large and I think I can see the last gate from where I sit...

Today was a beautiful day, and because the two glasses of wine from dinner last night and being menstrual made waking up extra un-pleasant, I decided I needed a run more than I probably realized. I did take some precautions and asked the front desk where they would recommend (or not recommend), and headed out. I ran about three and a half. It was warm, and I could have used a breathing strip which did not make the trip, but I have run in worse air without them. I ran through developments and apartment roads, seeing some of the most beautiful houses in one road, then some worn-down apartment buildings with shady characters on the next. In the end, I was happy I went out and I felt much better than before I left.

So now I leave beautiful sunny weather to rainy Philly. But Ted is there waiting for much sunnier can it get than that?


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