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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Five Days to Go...

Can I say that I am going through different levels of anxiety? I just passed through the denial level...the Broad-Street-is-still-far-away-i-have-plenty-of-time. Now, after reading what ShoreTurtle has to say about the 10 miles on Sunday...and knowing I'm going to be there too...I have entered the slightly-paniced level.

I thought I would be fine, and in all honesty, I really probably should be. Of course, the definition of "fine" is going to be wide open for debate...

My last kinda-sorta long run was 6 miles Friday morning. Sunday was supposed to be long, but all day I fought off a baby migraine (the pain was there but I wasn't down for the count) but it did wear me out, and Monday the exhausion continued. I went out Monday afternoon and did the 1.25 mile loop that hardly counts for anything beyond not totally stiffening up. I completed it, took a shower, and had to lay down. Today i feel better, and tomorrow at some point I'm planning on doing 4-5 miles...then just baby 1.25 miles here and there Thursday or Friday. Sunday is the big day.

I'm sure I'll be fine. I've trained hard for it. I've done 10 miles, without passing out. And those 10 miles had hills and no people, while Broad Street is a flat course (at least flat compared to what I am used to running on) and the other racers and the crowd will carry me.

I think one of these days I'm going to talk about how running is a drug. I sit her whining that I am scared, that it hurts me, that I have blisters and ugly feet, and in the same breath I'm wondering my strategy for the Philly Distance Run in September...

Another little tidbit of useless Maggie information...I measured my waist this weekend. The horror. I have 5 inches to drop. Lord Almighty help us all.


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