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Friday, November 17, 2006

It's that Weekend

It's time. And who am I to say I must enter this marathon/half-marathon weekend with no drama and stress or anything happening to alter my race time? a head cold?

It started Wednesday night, as I was commenting to Ted that my toe-nail was feeling better. "It's not black--I think it's a keeper," I informed him. That was followed by "Boy my throat is kind of scratchy..."

Yesterday I had software partner meeting in the morning and took a sick day in the afternoon. It's a classic sinus and head cold, complete with the lovely post-nasal drip which I seem to get constantly. I am injecting myself with vitamin C in one arm, while the other is popping pills and throat drops. I feel tired and groggy...and terrified that I won't be better by Sunday morning.

I'm torn on what to do. If I feel like crap Sunday morning, running 13 miles won't make me feel better. But is it right to not even try it? Would I rather start and not finish than not start at all? I can't believe I'm even considering this option...I should plan on finishing it, and be happy with the finish line, regardless of the time. I very rarely get sick, and the timing on this one sucks.

On the up side, Good Luck to ShoreTurtle and Kivster who will be gracing the start (and finish) lines with their presence this weekend. The weather looks beautiful, and hopefully I won't be under it.


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