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Friday, June 29, 2007

Redemption Run

Ted and I ran this week. We ran Tuesday night. And I'm just now able to begin talking about it, thanks mostly to the run this morning.

Tuesday night, Dave had to work at the local YMCA where he's been spending much of his time. He started at 8:00 that night, so Ted and I rode along with him, and ran home (It's almost an exact 3.1 miles).

The temperature, I noted, as we ran past a bank, was 89. The humidity was stifling. The run was one of the worst ones in a long time, and we both felt it long before we reached the front porch. And long after.

I hated it, and wanted to pretend the run never happened. We were going to go out again last night, but downpours suggested otherwise, so I got up this morning to run 4 miles. The rain had cooled the air down to a manageable and realistic 70, and the humidity did not smack you as soon as you stepped outside. Regardless, I made myself extremely aware of my pace, and stopped myself anytime I felt like I was picking it up. I wanted the run to be steady, instead of pushing myself the entire time.

It was still sticky, and I was still soaked when I got back to the house. But I came in a few seconds under my goal time for that route, which I was very happy about! And it put running in a whole new light after Tuesday's jaded attempt.

I am in desperate need of new shoes. My New Balance's aren't quite what they were. I want to go to an Athletic Shoe Shop in Doylestown and have someone look at my feet, and assign me a brand to wear, so I continue to put miles on my New Balance's until we get up that way. Maybe this weekend...


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