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Friday, October 03, 2008

Going off on a tangent...

This isn't running related, unless the "running" we are referring to is associated with running for public office.

This is a plea to the Americans. I'm not going to use this to push my own political agenda or discuss my viewpoints/opinions. I've read alot about each candidate and I am trying desperately to come to my own opinion based on the issues that concern me.

What I find to be especially troublesome is how absolutely ignorant people can be, and how rude, mean, insulting, and unfair. I find it difficult to find information that isn't slanted towards one side or the other. I find it difficult to discuss issues and I find it difficult to get a basic, middle-of-the-road approach to who I want to vote for because of what they believe. People will take their political stance and they will run with it and they will bash the opponent--sometimes bashing the opponent more than they are supporting their own. I have read liberal news, conservative news, and mainstream media. It's all like this. And I'm fairly certain this isn't want our forefathers had in mind when they created this amazing country.

I really don't care who people vote for--I care for WHY they vote. It's still a bi-partisan government. No one person will go into office and force a million new things. It still gets voted on, it still needs to get approved, and it will still be debated and analyzed. All I want people to do is read on the issues and make an educated decision. Leave your personal opinions about the IQ of the candidates, the color of their skin, how well they talk, how well they don't talk, what they look like, and their religion out of the mix. We are voting on issues that affect our country, our economy, and our well-being.

We live in a great country, and because we live in a great country, people like me are allowed to post stuff like this. And because of this great country I could come up with a crazy, brutal attack on either party and shout it from the rooftops, and the worst that could happen is people call me crazy. But because we live in a great country, I think we owe it to everyone to show a little respect. A great debate, whether it's on national television or at the water cooler, is patriotic and I encourage it. But leave the name-calling, finger-pointing, and uneducated accusations out of the mix. We owe it to ourselves, our candidates, our forefathers, and our future generations to elect someone based on educated decisions and for believing what we believe, not electing someone just because they are or are not Democratic or Republican, are or are not male or female, are or are not black or white.


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